Best Materials For Yard Signs

The 3 Best Materials for Making Yard Signs

Before you go and purchase a yard sign to advertise your business, you first need to decide what material you are going to use for your sign. You want something that will hold up, but you also don’t want to overpay for a sign that you won’t need for long.  So let’s look at some of the best materials you can use for your yard sign and when each one would be most appropriate.

Corrugated Plastic

One of the most common materials for quality yard signs is corrugated plastic. You should know that this is one of the most expensive materials you will find for yard signs, but there is a reason it is so prevalent. It holds up well under pretty much any kind of weather, and it is meant to last for a long time.

So while you will pay more for it than you would for other materials, it will be a good investment. You won’t need to replace the sign just because of rain or high winds. The high sheen of these yard signs also makes them great eye catchers. They reflect sunlight well enough to shine during the day and they will reflect car headlights well to be visible at night.

If all your competition is using cheap signs, then your quality sign will stand out from the crowd.

Coated Poster Board

If your budget is a little smaller, then you may want to go for weather-coated poster board. It holds up reasonably well to normal weather conditions, but anything major will probably destroy it. These signs are pretty standard, so the materials are very inexpensive, and they can be replaced at little cost to you.

This is the kind of sign you want to use if you are only advertising a weekend sale or operating out of a temporary trade show. You can spend just a little money and get a great return on your investment by being visible at a low cost.

Metal Yard Signs

You’ll only want to use a metal sign if the sign is meant to be permanent. These will be more expensive to make and replace than other types of signs. But they demonstrate a level of quality, and they can reflect well on your business.

You might have a more difficult time finding a company that can make metal signs. You may have to hire a metal worker in conjunction with a professional printing shop. This can make the costs really add up, but it might be worth it, if your sign can draw in customers steadily over long periods of time.

Whatever you make your yard sign out of, ensure that you are using appropriate materials for the job. While you can save money with a cheaper sign in the short term, if you are in a bad weather area and you mean for the sign to be permanent, you may want to opt for something of a higher quality.